St. Stephen's College - Campus
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Located in the scenic Stanley Peninsula on the southern tip of the Hong Kong Island, the spacious campus is refreshingly close to nature while conveniently near the cultural and metropolitan centre of Hong Kong. Our  150,000 sq.m extensive campus commands magnificent views of nearby beaches. This beautiful expanse of green, wooded countryside is a source of inspiration to the many young people we prepare for adult life.

Our campus speaks for our intent to provide an enhanced, dynamic learning environment that prepares students for higher education and life long learning.

It is well-endowed with many enviable above-standard facilities conducive to whole person development, including:

A two-storey multimedia self-access learning library;
 4 computer - assisted learning centres;
 1 Campus Channel TV studio;
 1 indoor gymnasium, a 50-metre swimming pool, a football pitch, a 400-metre athletic track, 4 tennis courts, several outdoor basketball and volleyball courts;
 A specially designed music room, several individual music pratice rooms;
 2 spacious art studios and vast open spaces for exhibiting students' works of art;
 A unique student centre to facilitate various student leadership activities;
 A College Chapel
 Archive room