Hong Kong Flower Show 2023 SSC Music Performance

Invited by the LCSD, our String Quartet, String Chamber and Chinese Orchestra gave a beautiful performance to the public at the Hong Kong Flower Show this afternoon in Victoria Park. With the emcees from our Music Society introducing the repertoires, our musicians performed a great variety of music to the full house audience on the central stage.

Emcees: Candace Ho, Annie Shao
String Quartet
1st Violin: Samuel Mok
2nd Violin: Harvey Mok
Viola: Emma Shin
Cello: Alan Fong
String Chamber:
1st Violin: Samuel Mok, Cinnia Lok, Cedric Wong, Damian Tong, Lynne Jin, Andy Yang
2nd Violin: Harvey Mok, Cinnia Lok, Cedric Wong, Andy Yang
Viola: Emma Shin, Harvey Mok, Jonas Chan
Cello: Adrien Partier, Alan Fong, Aiden Chang, Astin Fung
Double Bass: Anson Luk, Ian Li
Chinese Orchestra
Conductor: Mr Alex Yu
Erhu: Ian Shum, Sophia Poon, Jenny Yao
Guzheng: Honna Cho, Alice Cheung
Yangqin: Oscar Lo
Zhongruan: Angelina Au
Dizi: Martina Pin
Sheng: Micah Lee
Cello: Astin Fung
Percussion: Kowin Leung, Andrew Wu, Henry Ding


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