Development Directives
The development directives of Biology Department are to enable students to
  1. acquire knowledge and develop understanding of basic biological principles and concepts;
  2. be self-directed learners and apply biological knowledge in daily life;
  3. be aware of the dynamic nature of biological knowledge and appreciate the role of science and technology in understanding the living world;
  4. develop a critical mind to make informed judgments and decisions; and
  5. recognize their responsibility for conserving the environment and protecting creatures.
Course information
  • Our Form 3 school-based curriculum emphasizes the training of our students to be active learners by adopting an inquiry-based learning approach. Students are encouraged to learn on their own initiatives through a scientific approach by observation, hypothesis making, experimental design, data processing, and drawing of conclusion. At the end of the course, students are required to work on a Scientific Investigation Project related to their own interested areas by demonstrating the aforesaid skills.
  • We focus not only on the delivery of textbook knowledge, but also the training of presentation skills, analytical thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills through a scientific approach.
  • From time to time, teachers will organize class activities for students and initiate discussions relating to daily life phenomena. Through these, we hope to lead them into a deeper understanding of the biological principles behind the phenomena.
  • Our teachers make good use of the rich fauna and flora community in our campus to illustrate the life processes and interactions of organisms in a natural environment. Students always find it interesting and rewarding when they learn the subject matters in a natural setting.

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