Guidance Service

Guidance Committee aims at providing a warm environment for students. It has a group of guidance teachers and two social workers who help students to identify and support students with family, social, emotional and academic problems. It assists students to grow and develop personal strengths to meet their challenges by providing variety preventive and developmental guidance programs including Mentorship Program, Big Brother and Sister’s Scheme, Healthy School Program, Wellness for Youth Program, Stress Relief Program, Seeds Program, New Mainland Student’s Program, Correctional Scheme, Voluntary Service, Self-Enhancement Program.

Besides organizing different programmes for students, our guidance team also helps young people overcome problems that may hinder their academic, social or emotional development. We have two social workers, they help facilitate young people's personal growth and potential, and support youth who are at risk or in disadvantaged circumstances. Special programmes are also tailored to address parenting issues and ongoing social problems to promote harmonious family life and stronger interpersonal relationships.

School Social Worker – Susan Poon

Susan became our school’s social worker when she arrived in 2000. She completed her social worker diploma at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, before taking her Master degree at Hong Kong University, which she chose to specialise in social services for youth and the elderly. Susan was also a social worker at a Caritas Integrated Children and Youth Services Centre for 10 years before joining us. She is available to students, parents and teachers for advice through individual consultation or support groups. Susan also organises elderly social service programmes and self development groups for students to enrich their school life and become more mature students. When not working, she enjoys reading as her main pastime. Currently, this is her 20th year serving the school.


School Social Worker – Helena Yau

Helena, ever the passionate and fun social worker, who started working here this academic year, mentioned that “every person is a book to read.” For her, being a social worker didn’t mean people she met were problematic; rather, meeting them meant that she got to know them and walk alongside as they experience and grow, accompanying people as they are. Welcome to her room; take a seat, and feel free to have a treat or two. This isn’t a lecture with a counselor; she wants you to treat social workers as more of a friend and company in this hectic life.


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