Fee Remission

It is our strong belief that no student should be denied admission to St Stephen's College due to financial difficulties. There will be a fee remission scheme provided by the College to assist families requiring financial help.

The eligibility for receiving financial assistance from the Scheme is dependent upon the level of disposable family income and the total number of family members

The family’s disposable income would exclude the cost of rental of, or the amount of mortgage payment on the principal family residence.

Other family assets
Where the Parents or Guardians have assets (excluding the value of the family’s principal residence but including other properties) in excess of HK$500,000, the amount of family income is deemed to be increased by an amount equivalent to 10% of the value of assets in excess of HK$500,000.
Single parent
For single parent families, add one to the total number of family members.
Second and third child from the same family
If more than one child of a family attends St Stephen’s College, and if the family qualifies for school fee remission, the percentage of school fee remission of the second and the third child will be increased by 25% (with a maximum of 100% school fee remission).

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Fee Remission Calculator
Applicant can use the calculator below for the Simulation Test for School Fee Remission.

Application Procedures
Applications for Fee Remission must be made before 26th April 2024 or within one month after the offering of a place is confirmed. The application form can be downloaded from the School website (www.ssc.edu.hk) from March onwards. The student’s parent or guardian is legally responsible for the information provided in his/her application.



All students are eligible for the above fee remission.

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