STEAM Education
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education has become global trend. Students are encouraged and equipped to apply their knowledge in real-world application for the changes and challenges brought by the global environment.  Our school has taken the initiative to implement STEAM education and we believe our students are leaders of tomorrow and Hong Kong needs more independent learners who can learn efficiently and be able to synthesize new knowledge.  A new generation full of aspiration needs to take initiative to spearhead changes in our society. By providing invaluable learning experiences for students to innovate, students are given a safe platform through the guidance of teachers as facilitators or coaches to be part of a learning community to think bigger, grow and create solutions through technology. Some of the students’ innovative products include apps for learning, tackling environmental issues (CO2, algal bloom, ghost net), AI machine for food production and so on. These ideas are only the beginning of more innovative ideas to come.

Also, to build on the strengths of the initiative on implementing STEAM education, we would like to cultivate "Entrepreneurship" (ie. vision, decision making, innovation, leadership, and communication). This will offer our students more opportunities to design, engage in, and reflect on creative projects. Students can develop their capacities to approach challenges or situations in innovative ways and come up with new ideas and solutions using technology.

The process would be an extension of the various projects students have explored on real life problems and they need to come up with ways to commercialize the final products. Students can actively engage in the process of becoming an entrepreneur. The goal is to nurture entrepreneurial talents while advancing innovation and technology at St Stephen’s College.
  • App Development
    Our students learn to write iOS app.  They were introduced to the eco system of Apple App store and different ways of generating revenue.  Also, technology available in the Apple’s system are also discussed.  They can use their creativity to design an Application to solve real life problems.
  • Robotics
    Our students participate in Solar car competition, Underwater robot and etc.  With the robotics activities, we want to equip them with the essential techniques in building robot and be able to assemble robot to solve real life problems.  The competitions challenge students’ ability to learn independently, work in a team and understand real life problems.
  • IGEM
    It is an International Competition in synthetic biology. Our students have to work on research based synthetic biology and to solve global environmental problems. Students worked continually over the summer to build and test designs with non-functioning prototypes in addition to doing the requisite lab work in HKU’s laboratories as well as collaborating with other IGEM teams, approaching companies in the industry to evaluate the practicality of their product.  Students has demonstrated perseverance, persistence and determination in every aspect of their work.

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