Development Directives

  1. To develop students’ ability to conceptualise, inquire, reason, communicate, formulate and solve problems mathematically; and their capability of appreciating the aesthetic nature and cultural aspect of mathematics.

  2. To focus on fundamental knowledge and skills, capabilities to learn how to learn, think logically and creatively, develop and use knowledge, analyse and solve problems, access and process information, make sound judgement and communicate with others effectively.

  3. To develop students’ confidence and positive attitudes towards mathematics learning.

  4. To encourage due amount of practice which is always required to help students master the basic skills, but discourage meaningless drilling.


Course information

Students require knowledge and skills that will help them compete in the 21st century information age society.  To reflect the rapid growth of knowledge in the information age, mathematics has unquestionably become a necessity for every individual to be able to contribute towards the prosperity of the society.  Mathematics pervades all aspects of life and it would be very difficult to live a normal life without making use of mathematics of some kind.  For example, the developments and decisions made in industry and commerce, the provision of social and community services as well as government policy and planning rely, to some extent, on the use of mathematics.

Mathematics is one of the eight key learning areas (KLAs) of the school curriculum of Hong Kong.  It is the foundation and supporting knowledge to many other disciplines.  It is linked to the other seven KLAs by providing a basis for making investigations as well as a tool for analyzing data, representing findings and models with symbols, graphs and charts, and theorizing knowledge.  On the other hand, other KLAs enrich students with examples of the applications of mathematics in real-life situations.

To cater for students who have different needs, interests and orientations, the senior secondary Mathematics curriculum includes an Extended Part in addition to the Compulsory Part.  The Extended Part is designed for students who need more mathematical knowledge and skills for their future studies and careers.  Two modules are offered for students to choose in the Extended Part.  Module 1 emphasises applications rather than mathematical rigour and provides students with intuitive concepts of calculus and statistics.  Module 2 emphasises understanding of mathematics for further progress in mathematically inclined disciplines and provides students with a concrete foundation in algebra and calculus.

As one of the biggest departments in the school, the Mathematics Department caters for and looks after every student from Form 1 to Form 6.  We have a team of dedicated, experienced and well qualified teachers who always equip themselves with up-to-date knowledge in the Mathematics world.  We aim at not just producing superior academic records in public examinations, but also enhancing students’ genuine interest in the subject.  In addition to formal mathematics education in school, there are also opportunities for our students to acquire learning experiences in mathematics outside school.  Typical examples include seminars and inter-school competitions.

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