Ethics and Religious Studies

Development Directives
  1. To encourage students to explore more about the religion of Christianity and its values and help them to face life based on the Bible’s principles.
  2. To help students develop a healthy self-image and hold on positive opinions on life, values and ethics.
  3. To teach students respect, enjoy and appreciate their lives and help them grow healthily in body, mind and soul.
  4. To encourage students get to know themselves, their families, friends, society and the world better.
Course Information
Following the spiritual direction of the College, the Religious Studies Department aims at helping our students to explore the Christian faith and experience Christ’s love through the teaching and activities in the Religious Studies lessons. It is hoped that through the curriculum, our students may understand the Christian basics and thereby learning to appreciate what they have and following Christ’s example to love others as oneself by doing services for others.
On the other hand, the Biblical character studies in the syllabus can help our students to develop the essential quality of knowing right from wrong, telling good from evil through investigating the characters’ strengths and weaknesses, and how their faith in God enables them to overcome their limitations and rise to become a people of God. It is our hope that the character studies will help our students to learn more about themselves and their value as well as their future goals, and that their relationships with others will be strengthened.


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