Business Accounting and Financial Studies
Development Directives
  1. To help students construct knowledge through collaborative learning activities.
  2. To help students develop problem solving ability, critical thinking ability and reflective ability.
  3. To develop students to be responsible, perseverance and helpful.
  4. To help students learn about business ethics and positive values that facilitate the development of trusted leaders of tomorrow.
Course information
There are three basic learning areas in BAFS, they are:
  • Business: Applying planning, organizing, leading and controlling to manage a company effectively, and making decisions with the consideration of current business environment.
  • Accounting: Recording and analyzing the accounting information of a sole proprietorship
  • Finance:  Comparing different financial services and analyzing investment decisions with the time value of money      
For more advanced investigation in the Accounting module, we would also learn:
  • Financial Accounting: Preparing and analyzing the financial statements of a partnership, a limited company, or firms having incomplete records
  • Managerial Accounting: Covering cost accounting that helps the management making strategic decisions

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