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Information for S1 students and parents (2020-2021 intake)

Date Event
9 - 10 Jul 2020   S1 registration
14 Jul 2020   Pre-Secondary One Hong Kong Attainment Test
27 July - 28 July 2020   Quantum Learning Camp Batch 1 #
    Download the batch 1 student list
29 July - 30 July 2020   Quantum Learning Camp Batch 2 #
    Download the batch 2 student list

# Students are allocated in the 2 batches in alphabetical order of surnames.

Any changes for the grouping is not allowed and the final decision is subject to the permission from school. For any requests on Pre-S1 Day Camps, please contact Ms Daisy Sin at 3693 1932 or through her email address, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

  Extra -curricular Activities - Pre-S1 Student Activity Survey

  S1 e-Learning information

 - e-Learning sharing during the S1 parent orientation

 - BYOD Acceptable Use Policy

 - iPad online order form

 - Online Ordering - User Guide

 - iPad loan application form

  iPad Ordering

 - Deadline: 22 July, 2020 (Wed)

  Minimum requirement for Pre-own iPad

 - iOS (Must)

 - iPad 5th generation (2017) / iPad Pro

 - Display with at least 9.7-inch (diagonal)

 - At least 64GB Storage

 - When you hand in your iPad to school for configuration, you must

    turn off the “Find my iPad” function

    logout your personal Apple ID and your iCloud account

    clear the passcode

    reset your iPad (remove all the data, photos),

    fully charged your iPad

 - Please give it to our IT Support Team (CB004) on or before 1 September, 2020 (Tue)

  CCF iPad bundle package for SSC students

10.2" iPad Wi-Fi 128GB    --> $3108
AppleCare+    --> $399
Protective Case for iPad    --> $170
Screen Protector    --> $80
Apple Pencil    --> $698
In-ear headphone with mic    --> $79
  Total: $4534

 - CSSA/ Full STAS: 100% covered by the CCF

 - Half STAS: 50% covered by the CCF

  S1 iPad collection

 - The iPad will be distributed to students during Computer and IT lessons in September.










Information for S1 students and parents (2019-2020)

  eClass Parent App (Manual)