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Exchange and Immersion Programmes 2017-18

The Exchange and Immersion Programme will widen the horizons of students and heighten their language proficiency.

S1-S3 students will join Overseas and/or Mainland Immersion Learning Programmes, such as the “Understand China Programme” (a Life-wide Learning and Leadership Training programme for the enhancement of Chinese identity through China visits) and Immersion Learning Programmes in various countries, such as in the United Kingdom and Canada.

S1 – S5 students may join overseas Exchange Programmes by visiting or studying in a foreign or a Mainland school for a period of time. 

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DateCountry / Programme
19-20 Dec 2017S3 Guangzhou Historical and Cultural Study Tour
29 Dec 2017 - 2 Jan 2018Thailand History and Nature Immersion Programme
26-27 Mar 2018S1 Guangzhou Historical and Cultural Study Tour
28 Mar-2 Apr 2018Taiwan Study Tour (Geography and Chinese History)
2-6 Apr 2018Korean Study Tour
7-15 Jul 2018College Choir Music Tour
22-28 Jul 2018Singapore NUS Global Leadership Programme