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Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are awarded automatically based on academic merits and rankings of good conduct. Refer to the following table for details:

Academic Scholarships Recipients
S1, S2 and S3 1st to 5th : Full Scholarship and
6th to 10th : Half Scholarship
S4 and S5 HKDSE 1st to 3rd : Full Scholarship and
4th to 7th : Half Scholarship
S4 IB Bridging Course and S5 IB 1st : Full Scholarship
2nd to 3rd : Half Scholarship

Other Scholarships

Apart from Fee Remission and Academic Scholarships, the school will use its best efforts to assist students with financial needs in various forms of scholarships including boarding, study tours, exchange & immersion learning programmes.


Scholarship Application Form for S1 to S5

Application deadline: 10 July 2020


   Music Scholarship Application Form


   Physical Education Scholarship Application Form


   Visual Arts Scholarship Application Form