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Distinguishing Features of the Direct Subisdy Scheme


Under the DSS scheme, we will continue to nurture outstanding, committed and resourceful leaders of tomorrow with the following characteristics:

  • Utilizing our unique campus to enhance learning and teaching in addition to catering for leadership, physical and aesthetic developments of students;
  • Increased resources in students’ leadership training, such as in outward-bound-type programmes and enriched mandatory boarding programmes;
  • Curriculum flexibility - the offering of more electives, school-based subjects, and local and international examination opportunities;
  • Non-local student recruitment to provide a multi-cultural and international outlook in school life;
  • More resources in professional training of faculty members;
  • Greater resources in reduced class-size and employment of more teachers;
  • Enhanced resources in bringing in specialists for counselling on local and international university placement, and networking with prestigious overseas schools;
  • Developing students’ greater proficiency in English and Putonghua through employment of more native speakers
  • Nurturing students’ creativity potential, such as offering the “Artists/Scientists-in-Residence” Programme.

Medium of Instruction

The College uses mainly English as the medium of instruction except Chinese subjects. For junior forms Chinese Language, the College uses Putonghua as the medium of instruction.

Curriculum Focus of our DSS Programmes

The school encourages excellence through a balanced and holistic curriculum. It equips students with life-long learning skills, sound moral principles and broad global perspectives.

Good mastery of English, Chinese and Mathematics, including Putonghua will be stressed.

Generic skills or the ability of learning to learn, such as critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and collaborative skills will be incorporated into the curriculum.

We also believe in helping students develop good study habits and enquiring minds in their studies so that they can conduct independent or group research. Interest in learning will be enhanced through exposure outside the classroom and exchange programmes.  

Five special programmes for DSS classes are tailor-made to enrich the regular curriculum. Those DSS programmes are:

Programmes \ Students S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6
Mandatory Boarding Programme      
Creativity Programme      
Exchange and Immersion Programme  
Service Learning Programme  
Mentoring Programme